4 Things You Should Be Doing On LinkedIn

People use social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram mainly for fun and entertainment, while on LinkedIn it is all about career and businesses. Although all social media platforms can also be used for marketing, LinkedIn is much more professional and powerful and ensures people will take you, your business, product or services seriously.

Creating an attractive profile and taking advantage of all the tools LinkedIn offers you can prove to be the difference between success and failure. It is essential to know what to do when optimizing your profile to enhance your LinkedIn personal branding presence.

Here are four things that you probably aren’t doing on LinkedIn, but should start doing immediately:

1.     Have an interesting profile

First and foremost, be sure to create an interesting and compelling profile that is readable and will keep users engaged. Help people get to know both your personality and the personality of your product or services. Add some great work examples to your profile and feature your best publications.

2.     Reach a larger audience 

Reaching a larger audience is essential when it comes to LinkedIn. The more connections you have on LinkedIn; the larger audience you will reach. Don't connect with just people you know. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a social network made for connecting with other professional people that have similar interests. The quality of your network is what matters. The more people you are connected with; the more potential customers you will have.  

3.     Join a Group

Regardless of the business or industry, you are in, joining a LinkedIn group can have a great impact on your network. Joining a group will allow you to connect with others, build valuable partnerships, spread the word about your product or service and can prove to be a great boost for your marketing efforts.

4.     Ask and give recommendations and endorsements

 If you extend the courtesy of an endorsement to a colleague on your network, they are very likely to return the favor. Recommendations and endorsements are meant to help professionals on the LinkedIn platform build their brand and become more credible. Reaching out to previous employers is a great way to get recommendations. If you are the person recommending a connection, try to be as specific as possible in order to help build the credibility of the person you are endorsing.  

If you are able to effectively market yourself on LinkedIn you’ll be well on your way to fully benefiting from the platform’s professional connecting functionalities.

What are your tips for using LinkedIn effectively?