4 Tips for Mastering Facebook Live

A few years ago, live broadcasting was very expensive and out of reach for many companies. Today, your company can broadcast FREE thanks to Facebook live. From your smartphone or computer, you can instantly put your brand in front of thousands of viewers. You have the option to broadcast live from your home, your office, or even your favorite restaurant! Live broadcast options are now endless thanks to social media. 

    Although anyone can now broadcast to a large audience, at any time, that doesn't mean your company shouldn't follow best practices when going live for your brand. It is essential that you still plan your live broadcast as you would a native video or commercial. To help you get started, I have put together my 4 Tips for Mastering Facebook Live! 

1. Promote Your Live Video BEFORE You Go Live

    Going live on Facebook is a great way to engage your audience. Broadcasting live allows you to target your personal network, fans on your business page, an event or even a group. In order to make sure you have people to watch your live feed, you must build anticipation. A few things you can do to promote your video before going live include:

  • Inviting your e-mail contacts with a link to your Facebook page.

  • Publishing a Facebook post telling your followers when you’ll be live and what you’ll be talking about.

  • Cross posting on all of your social media platforms mentioning that you will be going live with a link to your Facebook page.

  • Inviting your blog readers with a post and link to your Facebook page.

2. Plan and Practice

    After you have promoted your Facebook live broadcast, it is essential to plan and practice. It is vital that you plan before just clicking the live button. Just as you would for a commercial or video, you should create an outline for what you plan to say once you go live. I suggest creating a bulleted list of the points you would like to cover. Keeping a bulleted list will remind you what you wanted to talk about, just in case you draw a blank while you are live in front of your viewers.

    Additionally, practicing before you go live is also very important. You can practice by setting your privacy settings to "only me" when you broadcast on your Facebook profile or page. Once you update these settings, make sure you practice your live video and then re-watch it once it is posted to your page. Don't forget to change these settings back once you are ready to go live in front of a real auidence.

3. Interact with Your Viewers

    Live broadcasting opens up the potential to interact with all of your followers. Viewers are able to ask you questions and you are able to respond instantly.

Make your broadcast engaging rather than just talking at your audience. Engaging your audience will help your viewers to become invested in your brand.
— Melinda Lathrop

Remember these tips when broadcasting on Facebook live:

  • Always greet your commenters by their first name.

  • Try to begin by asking where your audience is tuning in from.

  • Make sure to ask questions throughout the broadcast. 

  • Ask viewers to comment tips, ideas, or examples related to what you're broadcasting about.

    Interactive live video is essential for Facebook because the engagement from your viewers will help to increase your overall reach. Engagements from your viewers can include comments, likes and shares. The larger reach you have, the more live viewers you will gain. Interacting with your viewers is a win for your brand and a win for your analytics! 

4. Never Forget the Replay Viewers

    The very first time I used Facebook live, I didn't think about those viewers who would be watching the video after I was done broadcasting. After you have finished your live broadcast, Facebook saves the video to your Facebook feed, your page's feed, your group's feed or your event's feed. The video that was once live is then transformed into a native Facebook video. The video can now be replayed from start to finish. As a result, you must aim to create a video that is useful for your audience after you have completed your live broadcast.

Now that you have heard my 4 Tips for Mastering Facebook Live, what advice do you have for newcomers who are hoping to have success broadcasting on social media?